A Most Treasured Letter(一封最珍贵的回信)


    A Most Treasured Letter of Reply
Dear Miss Austin,
     Your letter made me happy. I did not expect such a full return. I am eighty years old, and I am blind.There is little I can do except knit,and that is why I knit so many caps and sweaters and scarves. Of course I cannot write this, so my daughter-in-law is doing it for me. She alsa sewed the seams and made the buttonholes for the knitted things.
     What l most wanted to say, my dear, is this. For sixty years I have been making up missionary packages of such clothing or food or medicine or books as I could collect. In various parts of the world and to various parts of the world I have sent them. Sometimes I have received a printed slip of acknowledgement from the headquarters depot or mission board,sometimes nothing. Occasionally I have been informed that my contribution was destined for Syria or Armenia or the upper Yangtze. But never before in all that time have I had a personal letter picturing the village and telling me who is wearing the clothing and what they said. I did not suppose that ever in my lifetime I should receive a letter like that. May God bless you.
                                                   Sincerely yours,
                                                       Laura Russell

    你的来信使我很高兴,也非常出乎意料。我已经80岁了,而且双目失明。我现在除了织些东西外,已做不了什么事情,这就是我为什么织了许多帽子、外套和围巾。  当然,我也写不了信,所以我请我的儿媳代笔,她还给我编织的衣物缝接口和开扣眼。