On Good Books-论好书


On Good Books.
1. 读书是人生最大乐趣之一
2. 从好书中,我们找到良师益友
3. 书本带蛤人们最宝贵的礼物是经验
     Reading good books is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It increases our pleasure when we are cheerful, and lessens our troubles when we are sad. Whatever may be our main purpose in reading, our contact with good books should always give us enjoyment and satisfaction.
      From gool reading we can derive companionship. The people we meet in books may delight us, may be welcomed as new acquaintances. Our human friends sometimes may bore us, but the friends we make in books may never trouble us. When human friends desert us, good books are always ready to give us friendship, sympathy and encourage.
      One of the most valuable gifts offered by books is experience. In books we may visit famous places, meet various people, get to know new thoughts, which is quite beyond our experience of everyday life. In this way we may be well-informed and become quali fied modern men.