Language Pollution(语言污染)


     Language Pollution
  Dear Editor,
     You can find language pollution whenever you open a newspaper, turn on your TV set,or listen to a radio. Language pollution exists almost everywhere and usually can be seen in the following places:
     1. Chinese characters are written in the complex form. Although simplified Chinese characters were accepted for use years ago, it seems that more and more peopie like Chinese characters written in the complex form.
     2. Many goods are produced in China but carry foreign names, which sound strange and have no meaning at all.
     3. Words and expressions being used have a bad meaning. "Ba", which means bully in Chinese, is one example.Now there are a lot of goods, restaurants even factories or films, with "Ba" in their names.
     4. There are too many incorrect grammatical expressions. Some TV play series have strange names and incorrect grammatical structures. "Ai ni mei shang liang", which means "1 love you without consulting", is grammatically incorrect and this kind of expression is now becoming popular.
      Some language experts point out that language pollution must be done away with, which is an idea shared by myself and many others.
                                                Fan Yongqin, Jiangsu

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