Learning English and Learning About


Learning English and Learning About English?

We are learning English,not about English. A student can know all about English. And he may not be able to speak English.

The people who only learn about English take English as a subject. This is a mistake. Geography is no skill while English is.

You learn to swim by getting into water and swimming.You learn football by kicking a ball. We learn to speak English by speaking English. Let us do more speaking if we want to learn English well.

So you see there is a difference between "learning English and learning about English". Now we want to learn English and we believe the best way to learn to speak English is by speaking.




跳入水中,你才能在游泳中学会游泳。踢着球,你才能学会足球。我们在说英语的过程中学会说英语。 因此,要想把英语学好,我们就要多多尝试张嘴说话。