Direction:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic of "ARE PETS GOOD FOR MANKIND?".You should write no less than 100 words and base your composition on the outline given below.[SAMPLE]

(1).Pet-keeping is beneficial to people in several way.
(2).Economicially,keeping-pet seems to be a kind of waste.
(3).Your opinion about pets.


A pet animal is kept us feel happy.Besides providing companionship,pets invite us to love and be loved.Often a cat or dog can comfort us at time when human words don't help.Pets also keep us in touch with the more natural animal world.Learning to care for a pet helps a child to grow up into a loving adult who feels responsible towards those dependent on him.A pet dog brings its master a sense of confidence for he can see in the dog that faithfulness does exist.In fact,we keep pets for emotional rather than economic reasons.

Keeping pets is just a waste of time and resource,according to some other people.Those who are crazy about pets sometimes neglect their duties.It is a shame that many animal eat good food while thousand of people go hungry in some parts of our overpopulated,troubled world. Furthermore,the growing number of pets has caused serious hygiene problem that cannot be solved.Not to say it's against nature to cage birds, chain dogs and keep cats with the house.

In my opinion,it is not wise nor possible to forbit pets keeping since it is a human need,rules should be made to avoid its drawbacks.