I Dont Want to Fall in Love&nb


I Don't Want to Fall in Love at Present——A Page from a Girl Student's Diary
                                                                              Saturday, November 14,2002, Fine
    Today I received a letter fi'om a hay named Liu Tian who is a student in the Mechanical Engineering Department. I have met him on several accasians and we hath won prizes in last month English speech competition of our callege.
    In the letter Liu Tian asked me whether we cauld become friends in a little more intimate sense. I know what he means. He is a handsome hay as well as an outstanding student, very active in all kinds of campus activities.
    Up till now I have received several such letters from several hays. They all speak highly of my achievement in study, my capahility to speak perfect English and my interest in literature. They don't mention that I am a heautiful glrl, yet I am aware that what attracts them most is my heauty; nevertheless that is reasonable and natural.
    But I don't want to have a boy friend and go on a date with him now and then. I have two more years at college. I'll make the best use of my time to acquire more knowledge. I just don't want to fall in love at present. Love has to wait till I have time for it.