Energy makes the world go, It is indispensible to both animal life and human life. We get heat energy from the food we eat, light energy from the sun and electricity from water. In the hot summer when there ia a power outage we feel all the more the need for electric energy which powers the electric fan md air-conditioner.
    There are different sources of energy. The rivers and streams are a good source for electrie energy. The san provides us with light, heat and electricity. There is also sound energy in the radio transformed from electric energy. The energy can be changed from one form to another. It can never be exhausted nor reproduced. It just goes on changing in cycles.
    It is important for us to make use of energy. Solar energy is being made to generate electricity, to cook and to bathe. Atomic energy is used in industry and aviation and many other fields. We are now doing our best to inake energy serve our people in every way possible.