Peaceful Spring


     Bitterly cold winter may once come, but now it has gone.
     As my bike has been stolen, I have to run from one teaching building to another every day.
     The bell declares the end of the last lesson and the beginning of a new journey. Tired as I am, at the sight of the bench, I go straight to it. As soon as I get seated, a world of fresh green immediately catches my eyes.  Grass sprouts burst through the soil  right in the place of the withered grass  and turn the dull grey into fresh green. As I look up, I find those tall trees have also put on new clothes. Green, here and there, everywhere!Spring has come, I realize suddenly.
     A breeze stirs, sending over breaths of fragrance. I trace it,surprised to find several lovely small white flowers dotted on a tree. And there are even some singing birds! I am so delighted with all these tiny lives that my fatigue vanishes all of a sudden.
     The sky shows its purest blue.  The sun generously gives out its heat and light, shining evenly on the grass, on the trees,on the roofs of houses, on the people passing by, also on me,quietly and tenderly.  There come a couple of young people,strolling leisurely. A group of students are sitting in a circle on the grass and discussing something heatedly. Some are reading English but in low voices  afraid of breaking the peace of the campus. Others are lying on the lawn, having a nap, or just enjoying the sunshine as I am.
      I feel I am free, free of thinking anything. In such a pleasing environment, doing anything is a great pleasure. I am fully indulged in this tranquility. If only time could stop!
      I turn on the radio to enjoy some light music.  Much to my disappointment, however, almost all the programs are about the war in Iraq. It is hard to believe that under the same blue sky,some people are suffering from bleeding and death of war while others are enjoying a happy life.
     The sun is hidden by the clouds. After a few seconds, it shines brightly again.
     Peaceful life seems to have gone, but it will come back one day, I am sure.

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