PE Lesssons


     Since the first grade in primary school, we began to take PE lessons at least once a week. Unfortunately, until today I'm still not used to it as I'm supposed to be.
     Thursday has been the darkest day of the week to me because early in the morning, I have to rush to the gym to attend the compulsory lesson on MULAN dancing.  It seems that my week both begins and ends on that day.  You may say that I'm too fussy, but it's true.
     I'm not the kind of people who are too stubborn to give up the quest for truth, but every time I ponder upon the meaning of PE lesson, I find there're various reasons that lead me to regard it as something really strange.
     First, I'm questioning whether the whole premise is corfeet. Let me show you an example. As we all know, there's a test known as the discuss throw.  When I was in senior high school,a girl,one of my classmates was 15 centimeters higher than me and weighed twice as heavy as I did. Whenever she was tested on it, she could make a perfect score with ease while I was there trying my best to pass it.  Then the idea struck me that maybe it was not fair to apply the same criterion to us. Athletes are divided into different groups according to their weights and heights in sports competitions, so why don't we do the same in PE lessons? Well, I know these feeble suggestions of mine are of no avail. I still have to make every attempt to pass it.
     The second strange thing is that almost all my PE teachers know my name.  Generally speaking, there're two kinds of students with whom the PE teacher is familiar. The first kind is those who always perform the best and the second kind is just the contrary. Of course, I'm not so naive as to believe that I'm among the first group. I still remember clearly that in one of the classes, during a long jump test, everyone of us was given two chances to make a better score. When the considerable proportion of the girls had jumped twice, the teacher still encouraged them to have a third or fourth try. "Come on! You can do it better!" she said to them. "They had already done a good job." I said to myself. At that moment, the long jump test was of great importance to me because once I passed it, I could get an average of 60 in all the tests in the PE lesson or I would not be able to pass it as a whole. When it was finally my turn to jump, the teacher seemed to be nervous herself. She stopped talking with others, held her breath and waited for me to do it. Though I was all of a flutter, I tried my best. "Great! Excellent!" she shouted"You made it!" Well, not bad, I passed it and might get 65, I guess. "You just made a breakthrough!" Apparently my teacher was quite satisfied with me. But not before I went to the start to have my second try, she had asked another girl to jump.  Oh,was she so excited that she forgot to let me jump twice or wasn't she confident enough to let me jump again? I had no idea. Never theless, I did make a giant stride in sports, maybe it was not a very convincing success, but I loved it.
     The third strange thing is the long distance race. Ever since I had to do it years ago, it has always been a catastrophe to me.I guess it's the biggest reason why I hold a dread of PE lessons.
     A nice sunny afternoon would suddenly turn out to be a doomsday for me when the teacher announced the date for us to take the long distance race test.  Usually we're required to run 800 meters in 4 minutes, and any word about 800 or race can carry me away during the week before it. Though there's generally a bleak prospect ahead, I still cherish illusions about passing the test. I'll spend a whole night before the race trying hard to conceive a strategy that enables me to succeed in the test tomorrow.I'll try to put any suggestions from friends into execution. In a word, I'm on the brink of falling apart. At last, I catch on why we think of the long distance race as a test on one's endurance.Involuntarily I keep on telling myself: Buck up ! Give it your best shot. You may fail the test but you can at lest console yourself with the thought that you've tried your best! The point is that things aren't usually as bad as they seem to be. I'm grateful to my friends. It was their friendship and encouragements that got me through these dark moments.
      Taking into account all these factors, it seems I don't really dislike PE lessons. I believe destiny has willed it so. The experiences about PE lessons have become a part of my memory even though they are beyond my understanding sometimes.

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    这篇文章夹叙夹议、幽默生动。文章的成功之处在于其流畅、自然的语言,显示出作者较为扎实的英文基础。但本文更为突出的特色在于叙述和议论的成功的结合。为数不多的议论如画龙点睛之笔,转承启合的同时,风趣生动地刻画出作者面对体育课的尴尬与无奈。行文的语气颇有些英语本族语使用者的风格,尤其是下面这几句:my week both beelns and ends on that day...;Of course,I'm not so naive as to believe that I'm among the first group...;I did make a giant stride ln sports...;In a word,I'm On the brink“falling apart...;it seems I don't really dislike PE lessons...显然作者常常阅读地道的英文作品,写作时才能不受母语影响,真正做到用英文思考,从而写出这样颇为地道的文章。