My Understanding of Beauty


      A person with fine character may be considered as a beauty.It is not because of one's charming appearance, but because of one's honesty, kindness, and strong will. And these qualities do fill us with admiration and respect. Mother Teresa is a good example, as is Helen Keller.
     The scene of sunrise is usually thought of as a beautiful moment, for it brings people brightness and warmth and it indicates hope and a new beginning. You may feel refreshed, inspired and full of energy when watching such a scene.
     In my eyes, beauty means such things that can arouse many of human's wonderful emotions:appreciation, respect, encouragement, etc.
      However, I realize that the society has a great impact on my understanding of the beauty.
     It is true that the history is advancing and the human society is developing. As a result, human's thoughts are changing gradually. So it is with our understanding of beauty. Yet we live in a physical world, many objects, which witnessed this progress,can still be found. Building is one of them. After observing and contrasting the buildings of different times, we may notice the differences in their architecture.  The earlier ones seem more magnificent and splendid while the modern ones emphasize on practicality and amenity. We can easily find that the standards of beauty from these buildings are not the same.
     Furthermore,  we also live  in a mental  world.  So we shouldn't neglect the dissimilarity understandings of beauty caused by various cultures.
     Influenced by "Taoism and Buddhism", the Chinese always regard silence and implication as beauty while more western people refer frankness and independence. Besides, most Chinese like classical music and Chinese painting when western people are fond of pop music and oil painting. We may also feel the difference from the literatures.
     In a word, the understanding of beauty is affected by many factors. But I believe that the human's pursuit of beauty is endless and the true beauty will not disappear as time goes by.

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